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Get started with a FREE account. Last Sacrifice The_Last_Black_Unicorn_-_ The Last Black Unicorn Tiffany Haddish The Last Black. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Richelle Mead lives in Seattle and is the author of the $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with your. To ask other readers questions about Last Sacrifice, please sign up. .. I think it's probably Victor Dashkov since he is free now or maybe one of the royals I bet.

From the very beginning the story drew me in. I was gobsmacked with a few of the twists and left gaping throughout the whole book. I read it in one sitting! It was an electricity charged ride and I was desperate to know how Rose was going to get herself out of her current predicament the entire way!

Nothing and no one could have stopped me reading. Actually, come to think of it I could go on and on Rose and Dimitri sitting in a tree I really feel sorry for Adrian though. I just feel like Adrian got the raw end of the stick. He needs someone to love him that can help him be the best person he can be. I will say that I did see that one coming.

Totally cool! Yes, I get that it was a shock It was freaking Tasha!! Never once did I think she could be capable of something like murdering the Queen. She always seemed like such a cool person, an ally. But I can see why she did it.

I guess I always thought her feelings towards Dimitri were never that strong. I think that she is the best person to help the Moroi move forward and I hope that takes effect in the spin off series. Is that not perfect or what?!? Unless these people are on a measuring scale comparable to the rate of growth for the shifting of giant fucking glaciers over a matter of hours, then I think some people are deluding themselves.

Preferably by Wayne Brady. She saves them. Nooo…er, wait. Yeah, she does do all of that. Hey Rose, did you ever think it might be a good idea to tell the authorities and your friends about who the killer is first, in private, so that some of them aren't publicly humiliated and embarrassed while having their world pulled out from under them in front of hundreds of people?

Er… Christian: There is of course, someone more annoying. Which, when you think about it, is comparable to making you feel bad for King Henry VIII for having to kill so many of his wives in order to get a son.

Have I mentioned before that this guy is particularly dickish? Look, Dimitri, I know that in Soviet Russia, things are done differently, okay? After all the heart ache, all the disappointment, all of the dashed-dreams! Do you think maybe… can you love again?

His shoulders are stiff and his voice is chilling. We have to go. Er… not that we should be talking about this or anything… but, really, what do you mean? Finally, he stammers and coughs. Fuck you, wanker! The ridiculous typos alone in this book were offensive to the reader. Clearly producing a well-edited, quality product was nowhere near as important as slapping a dramatic cover on the front and shipping out this mess.

View all 75 comments. Sep 06, Heather rated it did not like it Shelves: This is what you need to know. Rose then escapes court with Dimitri where they latter meet up with Sydney who is being blackmailed by Abe to assist Rose and keep her hidden until he, Lissa, Christian, Adrian, and Co. While Rose, Dimitri and Sydney stay hidden, Rose manages to do the following things aside from lusting after Dimitri while mentally telling herself she is over him: Sydney discovered this while searching bank records.

They go to find her, and Victor, true to form kidnaps her. That was a huge surprise….. Meanwhile, back at court: Naturally, Lissa passes all of them.

Tasha of course goes on a psychotic rampage, even though her character has been thoughtful and intelligent thus far, and attempts to shoot Lissa. Luckily Rose jumps in front of her just in time. Rose is now her own person, no longer linked to spirit.

In the last few pages, Adrian confronts Rose for being a cheater and basically calls her a manipulative, lying, user and abuser, and wishes her a life of misery, after all, because of Rose, Eddie may never work again, Jill is now bound to court politics, where her life will be in constant peril, and Sydney is now locked in alchemist prison.

I will say this, I envy Rose for her ego. Lastly we learn that Rose has been assigned as guardian to Lissa, who is now queen, and Dimitri will be guardian to Christian. They all live happily ever after. Rose was able to communicate with Tatiana while in jail at court through the spirit ether, when in previous books; court was her only relief from the spirit induced hallucinations due to its heavily warded state.

Probably because Mead lacks the skills to write such a convoluted, wonky story with the characters she already had in place. Seriously, it took all of ten pages when you cut the filler. How would such a lame cover up have survived 15 years? Not to mention that when the relationship started, it was illegal in most states.

She was certainly thrown under the bus. Not only did this asshole of a character fail to develop, she digressed to the lowest of the low, and yet we readers are supposed to think she is fantastic. Then there is her treatment of Adrian. Oh Rose, how noble you are to do the right thing only when it is convenient for you. It's not just the dress or the hair.

It's YOU. You're beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me. I had that missing piece of my world back. The soul that complemented mine. My match.

My equal. I was so afraid what would happen in the entire book! I have mixed emotions about the ending! On the one hand, Rose finally got the happy ending she deserves after everything she is being through. Not only Rose but Dimitri, Lissa and Christian as well. I am so happy for them.

They all helped Rose and Lissa because they wanted to except Sydney: P she didn't want to but she helped her anyway and all of them end up having trouble and broken heart Adrian!

She hurt my Adrian: As we know Rose is charged for killing Queen Tatiana! They were great team! I love them all! Rose isn't good at hiding. Sydney had the perfect place for that and Rose caused trouble. Anyway, Sydney takes them to the Keepers, a group of Moroi, dhampirs and humans who live away from modern society. They were a little creepy at first but when you get use to them they are really nice! I really likes Joshua.

He is a dhampir.

Last Sacrifice

When he met Rose, he immediately liked her and he wanted to marry her. She politely reject him. However, Angeline Joshua's sister thought that her bother has proposed to Rose and she accepted, it is tradition that the closest female member of Joshua must battle it out with Rose to see if she's worthy. Angeline started a fight with Rose,and at the end she gave her blessing.

That scene was one of my favorite scenes in this book. I laugh so hard. Even Dimitri and Sydney find it amusing. Sonya Karp, who was once Rose's teacher and now she is a Strigoi.

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Victor and Robert wanted to find Lissa's sibling as well, so all of them met in Sonya's house and Robert changed her back into a Moroi. So, Sonya leads them to Lissa's sibling! Jill Mastrano. I will admit I did not see that coming.

In this book, I forgot that Jill existed. I don't know why! Sonya used her spirit abilities to track Victor and Robert. Rose find them and she end up killing Victor. I don't really blame her.

I hated him! But it wasn't Daniella. It was Tasha, Christian's aunt. Poor Christian. First his parent and now his aunt. Rose and Dimitri! After Rose killed Victor, she blamed herself. Dimitri wanted to "comfort" her. He admits he loves her and he regrets losing her. They end up make love and she cheated Adrian. I will admit that Rose and Dimitri are perfect together.

They belong to each other but I didn't like Rose cheated on him. Flowers, chocolate, and poetry? Or was it something else? Was it being able to finish someone's jokes? Was it having absolute faith that someone was there at your back? Was it knowing someone so well that they instantly understood why you did the things you did—and shared those same beliefs?

Not only framed Rose but she accidentally shoot Lissa but Rose jump in front of her and takes the bullet. As a result, the bond between Lissa and Rose was gone.

I think she got this! I feel so bad for him! Lissa and Christian end up together as well. Lissa is now the queen. Adrian ends up with a broken heart. Jill have problems with royals. Eddie is accused of killing a Moroi and Sydney has problems with the Alchemists! View all 10 comments. Apr 05, Morgan F rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh, Lord. There is really no reason for anyone to read the following review.

It's not a review at all really, but rather brain vomit, because I so so need to purge myself of this book. So there ya go. Don't say I didn't warn ya. I have never been in love with Vampire Academy. No book in the series has ever warranted more than four stars on my part, and I haven't bought any of them, either forcing my brother to download it " Oh, Lord.

No book in the series has ever warranted more than four stars on my part, and I haven't bought any of them, either forcing my brother to download it "I'll promise to pay you back! If I had enjoyed this series more overall, as many of my friends did, perhaps I would have been less frustrated with this book. I always saw this series had potential, but instead Mead pulled a Meyer and epically failed.

Shouldn't a series improve as it progresses and not make me want to cry anger tears? My forehead hurts from all the headdesking and facepalming I did.

I'm not even kidding. I look like John Green did after he failed to follow proper headdesk safety regulations Only he could fail at expressing disdain for failure. Anyway, my face hurts, I'm a little dizzy, and I've been stuck trying to finish this book for a week now and its all Richelle Mead's fault.

That's damn right. I'm a victim. In the first VA book, I thought Rose Hathaway was a little immature, but refreshing because she could take care herself when most YA heroines can't even tie their own goddamn shoes without complaining. But in the end, she turned out just like the rest of them: This isn't passive dislike either. I actively hate her.

Over the course of the novel I have called her every name in the book, and I am one bit of "Rose-logic" away from tearing apart this novel with my teeth. Rose is just insufferable. Hey, Rose, ever hear of a little thing called "humility"?

Oh, I'm sorry, is it not badass enough for you? Does it undermine your awesome hero epicness? I guess so. Rose needs to get frickin over herself. God, even the writing was pompous, using phrases like "clearly" and "obviously" like a four year old uses lip-gloss.

She is completely self-absorbed and condescending towards others, looking down on those who didn't meet her standards of badassery. And seeming as everyone except Dimitri and herself failed to meet this standard, she was looked down upon people a lot. If I have to hear one more word about her super-special guardian abilities, I shall shoot a leprechaun in the nads.

No, no, no. She couldn't just watch and participate in a conversation like mortal beings. She had use her guardian training which would scour facial expressions and hidden movements, picking up details that us weak and untrained humans would miss, pointing out the obvious as if she just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nothing could ever just happen with her. It had to be action-y in some way. She didn't think, ideas "hit her". Everything was done "without a moment's hesitation" and with force. It was just obnoxious. I could go on and on, really, about all the sentence that annoyed me on every page, but I have feeling this review is already tedious. In this book, Rose is kind of like a less-awesome version of Leeroy Jenkins without the chicken. In real life, Rose, people will not just succumb to your awry plans then pat you on the head afterwards for your impulsivity after everything has gone annoyingly right.

In real life, dragons kill you. Rose just has no consideration for others.

She always thinks her way is the best. Forget the lives she ruins along the way, she's "putting them first" and isn't that what matters most?

Hardy har har. Tell that to Jill who you didn't even ask and Christian who you didn't even consult with. You didn't mind hurting them, did ya, Rose, as long as you had your dramatic reveal? BTW, who the hell let her near a microphone again?

Come here so I can punch you. Back at the court, I felt like everyone was the Mystery Gang, except without the banging van and Scooby-Doo. What is the Mystery Gang without Scooby-Doo? A bunch of tools, thats what. They had no personalities of their own, just working as pawns in Mead's little game. Even my poor, sweet Adrian was glossed over. I've never really liked you but now I really don't like you. Lissa, aren't you just the perfect little queen? Oh, and I'm also really pissed at what Mead did to Tasha.

First she makes a character who not only has a social stigma but also a physical deformity, makes her out into this crazed activist, and then turns her into this petty character who kills to get her guy. Bad form, Mead. Bad form. Another thing I found annoying was the constant back-and-forth between Rose and the court.

Not only does the "bond" being such a blatant plot device really bother me, but it seemed Rose would be in Lissa's head for hours. I know this book was mostly stalling, but she seemed to waste a lot of time.

There are many and plenty of other things I hate about this book, but I am done typing. Overall, I hated it. I will not be reading Mead's next series, Bloodlines, for she is clearly only looking for money at this point, as evidenced by her unoriginal prose, glaring typos it is "though" not "thought" , and tacky loose ends.

I am just so annoyed. In the end, Rose got everything she wanted, unscathed.

One more thing. The cover? Total porn star look. Every person I asked agreed with me. I was embarrassed to be seen reading this due to the sucky content, melodramatic title, and Miss Pouty Lips. View all 63 comments. Mar 14, Starlitz rated it it was amazing. View all 34 comments. Last Sacrifice in a nutshell?

Bullshit topped with every STD imaginable. Last Sacrifice should die a painful, painful death for: Using a goldigging whore who uses only her sexuality to get what she wants and holds about as much brainpower as an empty glass.

Lots of it. Making it seem perfectly fine that if your lover fucked your brains out in the bedroom but then constantly demean because of your age and your sexuality you then he is your soul mate.

No question. Even if he turns into a malevolent creature of the night and emotionally and physically abuses you, makes you his blood-whore against your will and sends you creepy love letters, you should still by all means lust after… I mean love him because he is soooo hot and sexy and his tiny penis rocks your fucking world.

For creating inextricable situations potentially possessing momentum for a great series had the dumb bitch of an author gone about it correctly but then having deux es machinas in the form of characters to immediately solve the problems so our Mary Sue and Gary Stu shitheads can have plenty of time to snag each other some more. Also, if you do happen to have a copy of this book, I suggest that you burn it because it makes a great Christmas fireplace.

Or just recycle it. Be a friend to the environment! Mine were working fine! That perks my interest. When does she not? What was honestly the fucking point of the prison break?

Along with that, her, Christian and Adrian play Sherlock Holmes and Watson and try to find out who the killer is. So now that they are BBFs and after they give each other friendship bracelets- they team up to find Sonya Karp and turn her back into Moroi so she can tell them about who the bastard child of Eric Dragomir is. I-lost-count — the unlimited Luck strikes again! Rose, of course, feels no remorse at all and Dimitri being the retarded asshole justifies her actions, why not shove your head up her ass too, you fucker?

The inconsistency in the plot is incredibly repetitive- first of all Dimitri has no side-effects at all from subsequent to being a Strigoi? Her hair made him realise that he missed acting like a child groomer by feeling her up and then acting like a complete shithead afterwards and now he wants to live that life again?

Are you fucking kidding me? Disgusting motherfucker. Also, how Richelle Mead made Rose cheating on Adrian seem like no big deal because Dimitri is her soul mate. Oh really? That was beyond cruel, especially to a character that I have grown to love right the way through the whole series, for Rose to get into bed with another man while she was with him, and then turn the tables to blame him for depending on her.

She was a goldigging whore. End of story. I cannot believe there are some idiots on here who seem to think that Rose is a strong female character when she uses her killer, curvy body and her whorishness sexuality to get what she wants. She has neither intelligence nor the emotional strength to be a good heroine. The son of a whore is a hypocrite and he is now exactly like his dad, to be honest I'm not surprised that he turned out into what he is now: What the fuck?

Since when did her character do a U-Turn or is Tasha a bi-polar psychopath? The only reason why she is Queen is so Rose and Dimitri can get away with the bullshit that they get up to. Hell, you know what this means, right? That is a fucking relationship! Not a one night stand with a perverted child groomer whose hobbies consist of reading cowboy novels, and sessions involving lotion, tissue and never ending lonely nights.

Good for him, that big slut! Or, you know, Stalin kicks his fucking ass. I could write a better sex scene and I'm a virgin- hell the Edward and Bella pillow biting sex scene in Breaking Dawn was porn compared to the sex Rose and Dimitri have.

Same with Eddie- who was the only Dhampir I liked throughout the entire series- he had brains and he was committed for calling Rose out on his shit yet he met a horrible end. I cannot stand it when such amazing characters such as him have an undeserved ending yet the skank ass bitch lives in luxury. How is she living? There was no element of surprise, or suspense or anything exciting at all, I was excited finishing the fucking book. It was just shit and should be thrown into a fire.

So everyone, save your gas bills by burning copies of Last Sacrifice: View all 68 comments. Apr 14, PandaO. Will he turn gay or something??? I don't know what happened between the first time I read this book and this time but the first time I rated it 5 stars and now I can't get over the fact that Rose played Adrian and acted like a immature selfish girl.

It really bugged me this time that one minute she would go on about loving Adrian and the next she would be like Dimitri is the love of my life. One minute she was kissing Adrian and the next she was having sex with Dimitri.

It pissed me off. The plot was good but the Adrian, Dimitr I don't know what happened between the first time I read this book and this time but the first time I rated it 5 stars and now I can't get over the fact that Rose played Adrian and acted like a immature selfish girl. The plot was good but the Adrian, Dimitri thing bugged me so much that I had a hard time really enjoying it.

View all 29 comments. Well, that was such a pretty incredible conclusion of the Vampire Academy series! I waited for months before I read Last Sacrifice because I grew really fond of this series since I started it and I hate the separation anxiety I always get whenever I read a final book of a series that I love.

I hate this feeling. This bittersweet feeling because it's finally OVER. No more Rose, Dimitri, and Adrian moments. No more snarky and entertaining narration from the world's most ba Well, that was such a pretty incredible conclusion of the Vampire Academy series!

No more snarky and entertaining narration from the world's most badass fictional heroine. But you know the good thing? I really had fun with this series! It's because it really had me invested in the characters. Last Sacrifice is one of the best series-enders I've read so far. It's adrenaline-pulling and full of actions. It's also fast-paced, unlike the previous books which are a little dragging. I also love the mystery involved in this book.

The killer of the important character was finally unveiled here, and guess what my reaction after finding out who the culprit behind? It was mind-blowing! There were also more revelations other than the murderer. And I was also introduced to the other side of the vampire world. There were also more involvements from Sydney and The Alchemists. And did I say Lissa's character really improved here? I love everything here in this book, I just wished there was a different kind of ending between Rose and Adrian.

It did not sit well with me. I love that boy and it pained me so much when their final coversation happened like that.

To Adrian Ivashkov Well at least I still have Bloodlines and I am very excited to find out his story and Sydney's. View all 28 comments. Actual Rating: Well, my emotions are all over the place and I don't think I'll ever be able to write a coherent review for this book because this series man.

Don't knock it till you try it and I was one of those naysayers in the beginning that looked at the title and thought "lolnope" and then the movie looked interesting so I tried the first book out.

I really lovelove Rose as a main character. Some people find her annoying, I get that, but her voice Actual Rating: Some people find her annoying, I get that, but her voice is one of the most unique and distinctive in YA. Took me two years to finish this series, and while I had long droughts of not reading it, I was always happy to get back into the world and now I'm done and what the hell.

I just loved all the character development in this series and with a series this long, that is always what I look for. I might eventually read Bloodlines because I know people will ask. It's not high on my tbr but eventually I will.

Vampire academy last sacrifice pdf?

When all the dust settles and I'm emotionally able to move on from this ending. View 1 comment. I was hoping I'd feel relief after finishing this series, but honestly I wish I just hadn't finished the series. Book 3 was my favorite and it was just a meh series from there on out.

Thinking that maybe she would develop throughout the series, I kept giving her second chances, but she's just as childish and impulsive in book 6 as she was in book 1. This book's plot was kinda boring and I found it predi I was hoping I'd feel relief after finishing this series, but honestly I wish I just hadn't finished the series. This book's plot was kinda boring and I found it predictable a little bit and I really found myself not caring too much about the drama and mystery.

I was ready for it to be over, because you were able to piece together how it would end pretty quickly. Would I recommend this series? Do I think I'll pick up Bloodlines, the spin-off? Probably not. View all 6 comments. May 31, Ritney rated it it was amazing. So here are my predictions for the Last Sacrifice. First of all I think Tasha Ozera killed the queen. If you go back to Rhonda's reading it says that she has an enemy and implies that it is a woman and at the time Rose thinks its Tatiana so she just dismisses it but I think that it is really Tasha.

She is smart and clever and I think she has a Victor complex and she thinks shes doing it to better the Moroi and dhampir society.

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Abe is clearly going to break Rose out of jail because he promised he So here are my predictions for the Last Sacrifice. Clearly Dimitri still loves Rose and is just saying that "love fades. But i think he is going to do everything in his power to protect her from the royal guard and he's going to admit that he still loves hers. I have a feeling that Rose is going to come threw and find Lissa's sibling so that she gets her seat on the Royal Court and I also think she could potentially be the next queen.

As for the "Last Sacrifice" title I think that it could be two possible options. Option one is that is is Rose's sacrifice because clearly she already has sacrificed so much and she is going to sacrifice her career has a guardian to be with Dimitri.

This theory come from Blood Promise when Avery looked through Roses mind, maybe her spirit abilities allowed her to look too the future and she and Dimitri really will end up together. Which means Lissa and Christian will end up together and would live at Court. If this happens then I hope Adrian ends up with someone because I love him and I sort of want him to be with Rose but I'm torn.

I think that he will end up saving someones life like Sydney and then she will be shadow-kissed and it will save him from the madness and they will fall in love. The "Last Sacrifice" could be Dimitri's sacrifice. I feel that if he isn't able to get over the things he did as a Strogi then he is going to end up dying somehow by sacrificing himself to save Rose somehow. It is going to be some dramatic seen and he is going to tell Rose that he has always loved her and he would rather die so that she could be happy.

If this happens then I think Rose and Adrian will end up getting married and having children and they will live at court and Lissa and Christian will be there too. View all 40 comments. I love everything about it, everything! Rose is a kick-ass heroine beginning to end.

I may not always agree with everything she does but I never once disliked her and that is rare for me to say. I'm gonna keep the review short and sweet. Read the series. If your sane, you will not be disappointed lol. I'm just going to post a couple of my favorite quotes. Ones that made me happy or broke my heart. My back was to him, but there was a strange quality to his voice that made me turn around. I make my own choices. View all 4 comments. May 29, Ciara rated it it was amazing. Loveeddd spirit bound sooooo much And i was thinkn Maybe its someone who knows the guardians and they dont see as a threat..

Tasha Ozera by some chance? I really have alot of questions i want answered and i cant believe i have to wait until december lol DEfinitly hope the spin off series has suhin to do with adrian hes such a babe lol View all 17 comments. May 23, Cf rated it liked it. Ok - Finished the book it was nice read for the series end but it was too much of a perfect ending. Don't get me wrong I am happy for Rose and Dimitri but did they have to remain guardians.

I wanted them to choose themselves over duty and go start their life fighting injustice on their on term. The ending was too perfect not saying someone should have died but not every story has to have a perfect ending. If Lissa was not crowned queen or Rose and Dimiti leaving court that would have been fine. What about Robert Victor's brother, Sydney, Eddie too many unanswered questions.

The comment below was written before I read the book: I think Ms. Mead can go in many directions with this last book. I would love to see Adrian as the main villian in disguise. I think Adrian killed Queen Tatiana because he wants to be King.

He sees Lissa as his biggest threat to the throne. Therefore, dispose of her protector. Once Rose is out of the picture, Lissa will be an easier target. As far as his feelings for Rose, I think its a facade. She is just another Dhampir notch on his belt. Adrian could have enter the Queen's chamber unnoticed. He is her nephew and no one would suspect him of harm. Adrian is mysterious and a ticking time bomb. Dimitri may indeed be Rose knight in shining armour. Once Adrian true intentions are revealed, who will Rose look to for comfort?

However, Dimitri should not ignore that Rose is a willing blood whore for Adrian. Nov 04, Sasha Alsberg rated it it was amazing. A MUST read! Mar 15, Mikaela rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm psychic. Yes ladies and gents, you heard me right. It's true. I predicted everything. I quote myself; "I think that view spoiler [Tasha hide spoiler ] killed the queen. She's just a little too suspect Plus, she hit on Dimitri, which made me hate her. This was indeed the perfect ending to a perfect series.

It was brutally real and totally heartbreaking in places, but it was never predictable. I loved every minute of it, and it I'm psychic. I loved every minute of it, and it was definitely my favourite book in the entire series. Dimitri and Rose in this What can I say? My Favourite part? In the motel at the begining of the book. I bet Dimitri didn't see that coming.

I'm pretty sure at that moment I squeed out loud. I give this 5 billion stars S I would bet my house that the spin off series will be about Adrian falling in love with Sydney. It's such a given. Listen to me! I'm psychic, remember? Later Note: I actually am psycic- I really need to invest in shares or something View all 15 comments.

Dec 18, Hanneybean rated it it was ok. This is one of those sad times in life where you really don't want to admit something is bad because you feel like you have a commitment to it. That's how this review is for me. But I can't, because none of that is true. The beginning has Rose in prison for alledgedly murdering the Moroi queen, Tatiana. Of course, the plot line begins when all the characters in the b SO Of course, the plot line begins when all the characters in the book chip in to help her escape, because, really, we were expecting that would happen.

After her escape, Rose goes on the road with Dimitri, her instructor-turned-lover-turned-Strigoi-turned-dhampir again-turned partner in ansgty lurve, and Sydney, the Alchemist she met in Russia. Here's where the boredom starts. Basically, this is what happens in a nutshell.

The Last Sacrifice

She starts out by searching for Sonya Karp, a teacher her and Lissa had who turned Strigoi to escape the effects of spirit-use. They find Sonya, and with the help of Victor Dashkov's brother, Robert, turn her back into a Moroi where she then leads them none other than Jill Mastrano.

Shocking, I know. OK, I knew Lissa's sibling was going to be Jill, but that's just me and my uncanny ability at guessing endings. In the preceeding fight, Rose kills Victor and feels guilty, but only for a couple pages because she's too awesome to feel guilt, you know.

They then show up in the knick of time to push Jill into helping Lissa win the crown. There's then the ever-impending question of who really killed Tatiana and framed Rose?

Well, of course it's Adrian's mother! Yes, that's how it was, I'm not even joking. Moving on. Now that Lissa's queen and Rose is going to be her quardian, well, aren't we all just the happy family?! But wait! Dimitri's to be Christian's guardian so whenever Lissa and Christian hook up for visits It means Rose and Dimitri can too! I am actually choking on my own sarcasm at the point, so I'm going to stop.

In my opinion, throwing Tasha's character under the bus was totally unnecessary. Disgust doesn't even go there for me. I was devestated when I realized how things were going to work out near the end and just down-right pissed when Rose just mentally abandoned Adrian. Everything he'd done for her and even continued to do went right down the drain because Dimitri thought her hair was beautiful. I literally almost threw the book at the wall at that point.

Then there's the Keepers. The "J.His seventh sense1 had long ago assured him of this, just about not that she could from of powder had been used. I know that like Edward v Jake there are also Dimitri v Adrian fans. Moving on. Super Typhoon Haiyan. Back at the court, I felt like everyone was the Mystery Gang, except without the banging van and Scooby-Doo. Also, how Richelle Mead made Rose cheating on Adrian seem like no big deal because Dimitri is her soul mate.

Lissa and Rose also possess a spirit bond, which allows Rose to see through Lissa's eyes what is happening at court, even when Rose and Lissa are not together. I really want to read one 15 Dec 31, She broke the law when she fell in love with her gorgeous, off-limits instructor, Dimitri. Rose and Dimitri sitting in a tree

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