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Pro Spring Security. Carlo Scarioni. Apress' An Initial Spring Security-Secured Application. Adding Spring Security (and Spring Core Itself) to the Project. Listings 9 - 19 Pro Spring ditaremcico.tk For your convenience Apress has placed some of the front matter material after the index. Please use the Bookmarks and. Pro Spring updates the perennial bestseller with the latest that the Spring Framework 4 Publisher: Apress . Securing a Web Application with Spring Security.

Spring has brought so many advantages to the Java developer that I could say it has made better developers of all of us.

The good ones, the average ones. All of us.

So this is Spring Security: an application-level security framework built on top of the powerful Spring Framework that deals mainly with the core security concepts of authentication and authorization. Spring Security aims to be a full-featured security solution for your Java applications. Although its main focus is on Web applications and the Java programming language, you will see that it goes beyond these two domains. What I wanted to do in writing this book was to expose some of the internal works of Spring Security along with the standard explanations of how to use certain features.

My idea is to teach beyond the basics of how to do something in particular, and instead focus on the plumbing inside the framework. For me, this is the best way of learning something: actually seeing how it is built in the core. With that said, I suggest that the best way to use this book is to have the Spring Security source code checked out on your computer and go through the examples with both the code from the book and the code from Spring Security itself.

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This will not only help you understand each concept as it is introduced, but will also teach more than one good programming trick and good practice. I recommend this approach to studying any software whenever you have the chance.

If the source code is out there, grab it. Sometimes a couple lines of code teach more than a thousand words.

The book will also be helpful to developers who want to add Web-layer security to their applications, even if those applications are not fully Spring powered at their core. The book assumes you have knowledge of Java and some of its tools and libraries, such as Servlets and Maven.

Spring 5 Recipes, 4th Edition

It also assumes that you know what you want to use security for and in what context you want to use it. An in-depth knowledge of Spring is not essential because many of the concepts are introduced as we go along, but the more you understand about Spring, the more you are likely to get out of this book. Starting from a summary of basic applications and an explanation of how the framework is structured, the content moves on to more advanced topics, such as using Spring Security in different JVM languages.

The book follows a sequence that corresponds to the way this framework is normally used in real life. The chapter covers its main components and how they interact with each other.

Prerequisites The examples in this book are all built with Java 7 and Maven 3. The latest Spring versions are used if possible. Spring Security 3. Jetty Web Server was used for the different web applications in the book, mainly through its Maven plugin.

Pro Spring,Fourth Edition

You are free to use your own tools and operating system. Because everything is Java based, you should be able to compile your programs on any platform without problems. Downloading the code The code for the examples shown in this book is available on the Apress web site,. This tab is located underneath the Related Titles section of the page. Contacting the Author You are more than welcome to send me any feedback regarding this book or any other subject I might help you with.

You can contact me via my blog at , or you can send me an email at carlo. An incredibly overloaded word in the IT world.

It means so many different things in so many different contexts, but in the end, it is all about protecting sensitive and valuable resources against malicious usage. In IT, we have many layers of infrastructure and code that can be subject to malicious attacks, and arguably we should ensure that all these layers get the appropriate levels of protection. Of course, the growth of the Internet and the pursuit of reaching more people with our applications have opened more and more doors to cyber criminals trying to access these applications in illegitimate ways.

It is also true that proper care is not always taken to ensure that a properly secured set of services is being offered to the public.

Pro Spring Security

And sometimes, even when good care is taken, some hackers are still smart enough to overcome security barriers that, superficially, appear adequate. The three major security layers in an IT infrastructure are the network, the operating system, and the application itself.

Even though people often associate security with the network level, this is only a very limited layer of protection against attackers. Generally speaking, it can do no more than defend IP addresses and filter network packets addressed to certain ports in certain machines in the network.

This is clearly not enough in the vast majority of cases, as traffic at this level is normally allowed to enter the publicly open ports of your various exposed services with no restriction at all. Different attacks can be targeted at these open services, as attackers can execute arbitrary commands that could compromise your security constraints.

The use of tools like this is an easy first step to take in preparing an attack, because well-known attacks can be used against such open ports if they are not properly secured. A very important part of the network-layer security, in the case of web applications, is the use of Secure Sockets Layer SSL to encode all sensitive information sent along the wire, but this is related more to the network protocol at the application level than to the network physical level at which firewalls operate.

The Operating System Layer This layer is probably the most important in the whole security schema, as a properly secured operating system OS environment could at least prevent a whole host machine from going down if a particular application is compromised. Applications should run as isolated as possible from the other components of the host machine.

The Application Layer The main focus of this book will be on this layer. The application security layer refers to all the constraints we establish in our applications to make sure that only the right people can do only the right things when working through the application. Applications, by default, are open to countless avenues of attack.

An improperly secured application can allow an attacker to steal information from the application, impersonate other users, execute restricted operations, corrupt data, gain access to operating system level, and perform many other malicious acts. In this book, we will cover application-level security, which is the domain of Spring Security. Application-level security is achieved by implementing several techniques, and there are a few concepts that will help you understand better what the rest of the book will cover.

These are the main concerns that Spring Security addresses to provide your applications with comprehensive protection against threats. In the authentication process, a user presents the application with information about herself normally, a username and a password that no one else knows.

If the information input by the user matches a record in the authentication server, the user is said to have successfully authenticated herself in the system. No description, website, or topics provided. Find File. Download ZIP.

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Aug 14, Just Spring Integration. Pro Spring 3.

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Pro Spring Integration.The Application Layer The main focus of this book will be on this layer. Download ZIP. Even though people often associate security with the network level, this is only a very limited layer of protection against attackers. FAQ Policy.

More Security Concerns There are many more security concerns than the ones explained so far.

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