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download Digital Camera World magazine February issue. Download Digital Camera World - December magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. ISSN (Digital Camera) (Digital Camera World) but this page PDF guide will give you reviews of more SLRs.

Plus, our popular columnist Tony Bridge describes the process leading to the opening of his new gallery. The environment stands still, and passers by are shadows and blurs. Australian photographer John Patrick shows personal work from his Figure Studies series. This is an artistic respite from his usual commercial work for major companies and ad agencies. Finally, another Australian, Roger Arnall, shows his Human Creations series, carefully observed and faithfully captured vignettes from around the world.

Roger finds beauty in line, form, and every hue in a colour palette ranging from the freshly minted to the artfully faded. With a mix of vertical and oblique images, this collection is a peep at the world from above. American photographer Steven Edson shows work from his series on American cars, and the road surfaces which are their natural environment.

His exciting journey took him through twisted and narrow streets where merchants market their goods. Mirna finds beauty, meaning and more than a little excitement in the desolate places man has deserted and left to decay gracefully.

Her long running project, in monochrome, documents the simple rural lifestyle that her children enjoy in this beautiful location.

Digital Camera World - Complete Photography Guide - Mastering Composition

Finally, UK photographer Toby Trueman works by day as a creative director of a production company specialising in video, film and animation. His series, The Tides, is an hommage to the Scottish coast near where he lives. Completely at home at low level in a Cessna or a helicopter, Geoff finds order and beauty in the rolling landscape below him. American fine art black and white photographers Michael A Smith and Paula Chamlee, are partners in life and in creativity - delivering individual feature portfolios to complete this issue.

Both use large format view cameras to capture their images on film and produce gelatin silver chloride contact prints held in collections across the world.

Our other feature photographers are New Zealanders: Bob Tulloch is a portraitist who recently turned his lens on a labour of love, photographing Maori elders in and around their own marae.

Australian photographer Chris Bray is quite the adventurer, shooting for magazines and running his own photo safari business escorting photographers around the world. Chris also loves to capture wildlife images, and our selection concentrates on the fauna he so avidly pursues. Finally, British architectural photographer Andy Spain now lives in New Zealand and shoots our built environment. Andy shot our cover image.

Komkrit delights in two things, the beauty of the American landscape and the joy of capturing it on film. Our 50 page section exposes the category winners and a stack of Gold, Silver and Bronze awarded images we felt compelled to share with you.

Greek photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou is an architect by profession and an artist with a camera, capturing dramatic images of the architecture she is so passionate about. Finally, New Zealander Andrew Coffey is a successful commercial photographer shooting for editorial and advertising clients.

People skills, combined with technical prowess, explain his success and the sense of connection so apparent in these images. Stu is hard at work shooting a white rose, itself a symbol for peace, in the hands of 10, people across the world. Australian photographer Maris Rusis shoots large and medium format black and white pictures and finishes them with traditional darkroom skills. The final print is his opus.

Finally, New Zealander Amber Griffin photographs dancers in action, her work is a virtual pas de deux between the artists on stage and the one behind the camera. German photographer and photo educator Helmut Hirler contributes a collection of panoramas, all shot using infra-red film.

These fine monochromes show decaying vehicles at rest within the landscape. Finally, Australian Stuart Gibson is usually to be found, wet suited and finned, hanging on to a camera housing in the surf, or beachside directing a long lens at fellow surfers.

Corey and his team are always on the move, with daredevil sports people chasing their next adrenaline rush. Australian Cameron Attree shoots fine art nudes, in the studio and within the landscape. Finally, another Australian Darren Capp is a car guy through and through, shooting these across three countries to create persuasive marketing imagery for automotive manufacturers.

Trying to bottle lightning, street meets art in his moody monochromes. Finally, New Zealand photographer Amanda Reelick shoots family portraits, leading a double life by dividing her time between clients in Auckland and Brussels. Published as a book, the images have also been exhibited by Fujifilm in Japan as a tribute to their Velvia film.

Two New Zealand photographers complete this issue. Kim Westerskov is a marine biologist, scuba diver, ardent conservationist, and wildlife photographer specialising in natural history. Finally, although Thomas Busby sells cameras for a living, his real passion is to hunt and capture evocative landscapes, particularly those found in the Taranaki region of NZ.

For Siberian-born Pavel, photographing beautiful women is his life, style and true love. Two Australian shooters also feature in this issue.


Finally, Andrew Peacock is a medical doctor who combines two disciplines — expedition medicine and adventure photography — both performed in far-flung and exciting locations around the world. Nice work if you can get it. Claire Droppert hails from the Netherlands and demonstrates total control over time and motion with her series Gravity — Sand Creatures. Might this be your flying camera?

Doc Ross shows a collection of monochrome images taken on the streets of London in the style of Garry Winogrand, and explains the philosophy behind his work. Glen shot our cover. Our cover image, by Amber Griffin, received a Silver Distinction. Finally, Queensland-based New Zealander Michael Pole reflects on a career of over 30 years in commercial photography.

French photographer Nicolas Evariste shoots animals in their unnatural environment, with very little under his control - Dark Zoo is the resulting series. Finally, veteran fire fighter Warren Frey hails from Tasmania, Australia and in addition to his work as a first responder, uses photography to document, inform and educate his colleagues and the public. Finally, advertising art director Uday Tadphale lives and works in Mumbai, India, and delivers an enviable photo essay on the taxi drivers of that city.

How to Never Take a Blurry Photo Again (With These 7 Simple Steps)

This issue marks yet another milestone, the completion of our first three years in production. Any material you submit is sent at your own risk and, although every care is taken, neither Future nor its employees, agents, subcontractors or licensees shall be liable for loss or damage.

We assume all unsolicited material is for publication unless otherwise stated, and reserve the right to edit, amend, adapt all submissions. Slimbridge Wetland Centre was just one of many places I would visit with my wildlife artist father, sitting silently in a hide while he hunted the next subject with his telephoto. I was also lucky to be using the impressive Sigma mm superzoom, reviewed on page Niall Hampton, Editor niall.

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FUTR www. On page 34, he shares his tips for winter scenes. Tom Hegen Photographer and designer Tom documents the impact of humans on the planet. On page 30, he reveals how he captured the construction of a temporary city for the Burning Man festival. Our regular columnist recently visited Costa Rica, where a beachside scene challenged his compositional skills.

Find out how he coped on page See page Quintin has set himself the task of walking all 6, miles of the UK coastline. In his series, he shares his stories and offers advice for location shots. Each card offers suggested exposure settings to try initially, plus tips for improving on that first test shot.

Look for the grid templates in the Gifts folder on the disc, then read Step By Step on page 74 to find out how to insert your images in Photoshop.

Looking to download a camera or a lens? Download the disc: Each month we join a top pro on a shoot. This time, Lauren Scott shadows John Nassari as he captures the flavours of an award-winning Italian restaurant sually in this feature, we have a professional photographer all to ourselves for the day. The location? An Italian restaurant called Margot www. John might be best-known for wedding photography, but today, he wears a different hat.

John is a brand ambassador for Olympus UK and an award-winning wedding photographer.

For John, one big turn came in , after his studio was broken into and all his gear was stolen. He began to think more carefully about what kit he actually needed, as well as what he wanted from it.

I like to show subjects the work as we do it. That way they feel elated and relaxed. A good portrait is all about the rapport you build with the subject.

Even for large-scale weddings, John uses the Olympus system. What were the key elements to cover? What exactly goes into making a pro Nassari project?

First up, John directs co-owner Nicolas for. Assistant Emily records the footage in 4K, checking the audio levels meticulously through a pair of headphones.This time, Lauren Scott shadows John Nassari as he captures the flavours of an award-winning Italian restaurant sually in this feature, we have a professional photographer all to ourselves for the day.

John needs a fixed base to shoot images from. Thank You For Visiting Us. No part of this magazine may be used, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any way without the prior written permission of the publisher.

In this feature we reveal who won the top award, and show all of the category winners. A wideangle lens or the wide end of a zoom takes in a much bigger view of the world. Wireless connectivity can also provide for printing photos without a cable connection.

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